M.L. Adams PhotoFirst of all, welcome to my website! I’m still a fairly new author so I don’t have a ton of content here. Hopefully that will change sooner rather than later. Second, I assume you’re here because you’re interested in Cyber Dawn or you’ve read it and want to learn more. Either way, thank you!


I was born in the Midwest and raised in beautiful Colorado. My parents, both avid readers, instilled a love for books at an early age. My 3rd and 4th grade teacher, Mrs. Watson, encouraged my passion for writing. Cyber Dawn includes many of my experiences as a childhood cancer survivor and amputee. I still live in Colorado with my wife and two children.


I really can’t stand writing bios, so I’ll put everything else in this FAQ. If you have any other questions, shoot me an email at author.mladams@gmail.com.

Q1: Did you really have cancer?

I was diagnosed with synovial sarcoma when I was eleven years old. Synovial sarcoma is a very rare cancer that invades the growth plates and tissue in your joints. Doctors found a golf ball size tumor in my right knee. Back in the 80s (ugh, totally dating myself here), there weren’t many options in dealing with it. I had my right leg amputated to stop the spread and spent a year in chemotherapy. Unfortunately, the amputation failed to stop the spread and the tumor metastasized to my right lung. It was a couple of long years for me and my family.

Q2: Where did you get the idea for Cyber Dawn?

In high school I had a terrifying thought – what if the doctors had amputated the wrong leg? I don’t recall if I saw something on tv, read about it, or if it was just a product of my imagination, but the thought scared the you know what out of me. The idea stuck with me for years and when I started thinking about writing in my 20s, it was the story I started with. Then I got married. Then I had kids. Then finally, Cyber Dawn was born. The story morphed a bit of course, but that initial concept is still rooted deep in the final product.

Q3: You stink at posting updates about Cyber Dawn 2. What gives?

Most of my reader mail asks this very question (although usually in a polite way). It is true though…I’ve done a terrible job keeping everyone informed about Cyber Dawn 2. But I do have a pretty good excuse. In early 2014, my family and I traveled to the Philippines to pickup our newest addition – a 2-year-old boy. We had been waiting more than five years and when the call finally came (about two months after I released Cyber Dawn), we had to drop everything and take care of business. So while I’m behind on the second Cyber Dawn novel, it is well on its way and I have every intention of publishing it in 2015.

Q4: Do you write full time?

Yes, I’ve been writing full time since late 2013. (I took most of 2014 off…see Q3).

Q5: What did you do before writing?

I spent most of my pre-writing days in marketing and public relations, with a heavy emphasis on web development and strategy. I built my first website in 1994 (using Netscape Navigator Gold) and owned a web development business from 2010-2013.

Q6: What does the “M” stand for in “M.L. Adams”?

Michael. Or Mike. Either is fine.

Q7: Do you do anything else?

Nope. Family, writing, that’s about it.

Q8: Really?

Okay, I occasionally have time for other things. I love reading of course. I’m a big Denver Broncos fan and rarely miss a game. I’m also a product of the Atari and Nintendo generation (the NES, not the Wii), so I enjoy video games. Been on a MMO kick for a few years now and can be found goofing off in Elder Scrolls Online, SWTOR, Wildstar, and World of Warcraft.

Q9: Who are your favorite authors?

Ah yes, the obligatory favorite author question. No way I could list them all, but a few of my current faves are: Joseph Finder, Brandon Sanderson, James Rollins, Brett Battles, Michael J. Sullivan, and Timothy Zahn.

Q10: Where can I find official M.L. Adams news?

I’m not much of a blogger, so your best bet is to keep an eye on this website or connect with me on Twitter, Facebook and/or Goodreads.